Sunday, May 17, 2009

Computer technology

But...who would listen to me. Sooooooooooo I will write about something I know something about, like maybe making chili...

I make the best chili this side of Los Angeles.

First I start with the freshest ground sirloin and the leanest ground I can locate. I have the butcher regrind it with a pound of hot sausage.

I then proceed home to brown my mix and start chopping, I haul everything out of the refrigerator on the days I make chili, because the weather is cool and overcast and the fridge needs cleaning too.

I separate what I like in my chili, not everything in my fridge goes into the chili. I use celery, green peppers, sweet bermuda onions, chili powder, fresh tomatoes that I dice very small and brown sugar. I then head to the pantry for the red kidney beans, tomatoe sauce, diced tomatoes with red/green chilies, paste.

Now the meat is ready for the diced up vegetables and I start the big POT of sauce, as it must cook down and then we will add the meat and its mixture. It takes about 45 minutes to get this going, by this time the meat is almost ready to put into the sauce mixture.

But first, we have to taste the sauce and make sure its seasoned properly, mmmm not enough garlic, so we make another stab at some more garlic and salt and Kansas City steak sauce, we then simmer for another 20 minutes so that the mixture can marry (no divorces here) and (no attorney needed), we then drain the meat mixture, however if you have a chosen a lean meat, there will not be more than a teaspoon of liquid in the pan, however, I always drain and then put the meat mixture into the sauce and stir and stir, makes me feel better, I don't know what it does for the chili, but when I get through it tastes delicious!

If you let this mixture simmer about 20 minutes you are ready for some good eating.

How NOT to raise children...

Children are fascinating little characters, ask me, I know. I am an EXPERT on children. I have had my share of children, my own and then I raised two more, I have now raised six children, that constitutes me as an EXPERT.

You see, I learned something on my travels through childrenville; what NOT to do, not a lot of what to do, but a lot of what NOT to do.

If you do not want the truth, do not ask a child.

If you want their rooms cleaned, do not ask, instead, ask for ice cream, the odds are more in your favor.

If you want quiet time, don't let them know.

If you want to sleep, don't tell them.

It would seem that children have an innate ability to sense that you want something and they head in the other direction, on full blown automatic. If I ask them to do the dishes, they head to the bathroom. I have bathroom junkies in my house, or they have good bowels, one of the two. Every time I ask them to do something, they have to go to the bathroom for an hours rest.

I love children, but you have to be a genius to raise one. I haven't crossed that line yet.